Current project: oral histories

In August 2016, we were awarded funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund to collect people’s memories and experiences of the GLC, otherwise known as oral histories. The project involves recruiting volunteers without first-hand experience of the GLC (under 35s), training them up to record the oral histories and then sending them out to interview people who were part of the GLC and the projects and initiatives it funded. The interviews will be stored online in a digital archive, and shared through workshops and a touring exhibition next spring.

So far, we have recruited our volunteers and they have received training on how to collect oral histories. We are now recruiting people to interview, as far as possible matching them up with our volunteers so they share interests. For example, some of our volunteers are involved in the feminist direct action group Sisters Uncut, who are fighting to keep domestic violence services open – and they could interview people involved in the Women’s Committee who helped to get women’s services funded by the state in the 1980s.

If you’d like to know more about the project or get involved in any way, contact coordinators Natasha and Deborah on Get in touch if:

  • you would like to be interviewed, or have great ideas of other people we could interview
  • you have GLC-related materials you would like to donate or lend to the project
  • you would like us to deliver a workshop about some aspect of the GLC’s work or history
  • you have additional ideas for retelling the GLC story

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Volunteers learning to use recording equipment at our oral history training day